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As with every other hot internet mess I've either been a part of or witnessed (if you weren't there, don't ask. As someone else has said, your blood pressure doesn't need the workout.), I've at least made some nifty new internet acquaintances. :)

And, oh, yeah, I'm alive and stuff.
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Why? Because mere mention of my instant covetous lust for Laura Joh Rowland's new The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Brontë prompted him to order it for me off of Amazon. It just arrived.

B.) Laura Joh Rowland is TOTALLY AWESOME. I mean, I've read a lot of her Sano Ichiro novels (I've fallen behind in recent years as my time for discretionary reading dwindled), but this is just gorgeous. I'm on the second paragraph, and Rowland has just completely captured Brontë's voice.

I have sworn to take the secret to my grave, and to speak any word of it would bring censure, scandal, and disgrace upon myself and betray a sacred trust. Still, my knowledge burns inside me like a fire, a pressure that must find release or shatter the fragile vessel of my being. I cannot bear that the most singular episode of my own history should go untold.

Is she cribbing notes from Stephanie Barron, who first inserted Jane Austen into the realm of historical crime fiction? Maybe, but that franchise has to come to an end, soon. Barron's Austen will soon be feeling the effects of Addison's Disease too acutely to continue on in her sleuthing ways. Rowland's work comes along at a good time, and, at least so far, the quality of it is such that it's completely sucked me in.


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