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I'm a nicer person and a better mom when I don't get worked up about political crap I read on LJ.

In other news, water is wet.

Yeah, so don't expect to see much of me until a week after Inaugeration (I figure the celebrations/declarations of Canadian citizenship should have subsided by then). If you bury major life events in a political post, I won't see it. You've been warned.

Oh, and I bred my dragons again:

Adopt one today!

And Bones just rocked tonight. I'm really looking forward to this upcoming season. Can I say, though, that Dave Boreanaz's British accent has NOT gotten any better. *snrk*


Dec. 13th, 2006 09:15 pm
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"Jesus is not a zombie!" -Booth

"That whole zombie thing puts a real crimp in your PR." -Booth

"Hey, hey! Easy on the Catholics." -Booth

"Something bad happened here."
Booth and Brennan walk in on a body nailed to the wall, cruciform, on top of esoteric diagrams.
"Oh, yeah. Something bad."
-Brennan & Booth

"Condolences on your sudden promotion." -Booth

" should try it."
"Learning Latin?"
-Booth & Brennan

"Quit saying voodoo."
"Yeah, because it's not related."
-Brennan & Booth

Ed note: They might yank my fannish union card for this, but Booth is way more fun than Angel ever was.

"You have to show some interest in the other guy."
"I've noticed that you try to look taller."
"You know what? I take it back. Don't take any interest in the other guy!"
-Hodgins & Zach

"I wasn't planning on dying."
"It isn't you I worry about."
-Booth & Brennan

Ed note: At this point, I think something's up with the NOLA cop. She flipped on Brennan too quickly. Either that or it's the Season 1 crappy writing.

"She's a fool? You didn't tell me she's a fool!" -Caroline

"Three degress and she's still a fool." -Caroline

"I can work with this. This is 'Nawlins! And where's my beniet?" -Caroline

Ed note: Oh, I so want Caroline to show up more often. At least long enough to bang heads with Cam once, anyway...

"Okay, so then we throw the ring into the molten river, and blah blah..." -Booth

"How could this happen right under my nose?"
"Rebellious adolescent?"
-Benoit & Brennan

"I've noticed that very few people are scary once you've poked them in the eye." -Brennan

"Dark sorcerers suck, man." -Hodgins

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Booth: I need to know the locations of all the Red Shed [convenience stores] in a one mile radius around the Hyperion Hotel...

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Okay, here's the deal. Way back when, every Wednesday I would send out email to a select group of friends and family, offering "Quotes of the Week" and commentary on the current episode of West Wing. I'm feeling moved to try it again with several shows: namely, Studio 60, House, and Bones.

'He touched me with his creepy serial-killer hands!' -Tempe )
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Okay, I didn't think the writing could get any worse.

Ay yi yi. It did. I mean, come on, "Zackaroni"?

With the exception of the Camille/Booth scenes. Those are pretty well done. Actually, Booth was pretty well written all around. Angel even peeked out a time or two.

"Have you seen the way she stares at human remains before she makes a decision? You're human remains, and she hasn't made a decision yet."

"Someone with your gambling problem loves this."
"See, that? That's why you didn't get Cam's job."

Seriously, House can't send a couple of writers down the hall a couple of times a week?

"Not Zack."


Okay, so maybe one stuck his head in the door.


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