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Hi, everyone--

About two months ago, as some of you know, I found a kitten under a car near our house.

We've made a good faith effort, but he's just not meshing well with our household, specifically, our other three cats.

So, does anyone want a sweet, cheerful, and extremely active kitten? At my best estimate, he's about five months old. One problem he does have is food issues. We have not been able to shake the instinct to scrounge for anything edible from him yet.

He comes with collar, a nearly full bag of kibble, and (as of today) about a half dozen cans of wet kitten food.

Because we continually referred to him as "the new guy" or "the little guy," his name has become, by default, Guy.

From Guy

From Guy
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Here are pictures of The Boys, i.e., the kittens we hope to be adopting very soon. If the nice lady in Plainsfield will just answer my email...

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So, [ profile] torberg and I are getting ready to get back into the world of cat sponsorship. I was trolling idly around Petfinder when I ran across these two gentlemen, Morty and Max. They seem tail-or made (ha ha) for our situation. They're orange and cream, not black and white (I'd like to stay away from tuxedo kitties--I want the next generation to be successors, not replacements); they're boys, which I prefer in pets; and they're two brothers, which is good because Tor and I were considering getting two cats to keep each other company while we're at work during the day. And of course, best of all, they're manxes.

There are only two hurdles in our way. The first is the landlord. He was badly burned by pet owners (the last tenants apparently kept a large dog in the basement and it left ample, ah, evidence of its presence). However, he'd agreed to Darcy and to that end we paid him an extra $200 in our deposit. Plus he's a pretty laid-back guy so long as we take good care of the house. Secondly, the boys are currently in the custody of Lawyers in Defense of Animals in Plainsfield, NJ. If they decide they don't want to do a long distance adoption, this is dead in the water.

Sooo, we'll see what we see. And if it works out, I'll definitely be looking for name suggestions. (Pending [ profile] torberg's agreement, I'm tempted to stick with the Jane Austen theme: Elliot and Wentworth, perhaps?)

ETA: The very nice woman at LIDA (who has a voice like Diane Rehm) was practically expecting a interstate adoption. The only real hoop to jump through on their end is Gary (the landlord) and arranging a weekend to go up and meet the little beggars. Cross your fingers (or, in [ profile] zorrothedog's, Cruiser's, Audrey's, Max's, [ profile] lucadavid's, Sha'Ori's, Sagan's, Wraith's, and Selina's cases, paws) for us!


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