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Okay, to help everyone understand the true import of what I'm about to relate, I must elaborate on my current living conditions. My husband, BFF, daughter, and I all live in a row house in Baltimore. We like to call ourselves the House of Neuroses.

Now, the BFF and I have been hemming and hawing over a small container of Greek yogurt in the refrigerator. The husband has washed his hands of the situation. You see, I ate some of BFF's yogurt, oh, about two months ago. I then bought her replacement yogurt, but it was the wrong brand.

It has been sitting in our refrigerator since. Impressive, considering its sell by date was Tax Day. Neither of us wants to eat it, but we hate to waste it, and couldn't we use it in something, really?

Fast forward to ten minutes ago. Once again, I tripped over this yogurt, so to speak, while rummaging around for something else. I knocked the container out of the refrigerator, and it quite literally went "splut" as it hit the floor and busted open, squirting yogurt.

My thoughts? Huh. You know, splut shaming is really horrible. People who drop things are no better or worse than people who don't.

This is what happens when you pair social consciousness with a twisted sense of humor, folks. You may fire your rotten tomatoes at will. No, really. That guy over there, Will...


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