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I had the last root canal today!

Tentative timeline for final completion...

Sept. 29--have stitches out of #19

Oct. 27--have crown lengthening on #3 (Tor is filling out the paperwork to get that day off as I write)

Nov. 3 (approx.)--temporary crown put in #19

Nov. 10 (approx)--stitches out #3 (now doesn't that just suck?)

Nov. 23(approx)--permanent crown put in #19

Dec. 13 (approx)--temporary crown put in #3

Jan. 3 (approx)--permanent crown put in #3
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Houston, we have oral surgery.

It turns out the "procedure" I was scheduled to have today was oral surgery.

I have stitches in my mouth. I have five syringes worth of local anesthetic running through my body right now. I'm still having mild reactions--trembling and the like--from said anesthetic. (Driving home was probably not the smartest thing I've ever done.)

The only reason I'm not holding a prescription for codine is that I'm allergic to codine.

Big huge problem number one: Obviously, I won't be at rehearsal tonight.

Bigger huger problem number two: Tor has no way home from the Snowden River Park and Ride in Columbia. His bus will be arriving at 6. Can someone go get him and deliver him home? Please?

Biggest hugest problem number three: I need drugs and dare not drive. If there's anyone in the Columbia area who can stop by our apartment ASAFP and take me to the local Target you will be forever worshipped as a god or goddess, as gender dictates.

If you can help or know someone who can, please call the house phone on the contact sheet.

Thanks in advance, folks.
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I see before me on the coffee table...

prescription Ibuprofen (800mg)
Clindamycin (300mg)
Monistat 1 (for the yeast infection that will inevitably ensue from taking the Clindamycin)
generic ranitidine tablets (75mg) [AKA Target-brand Zantac]

Is it bad when you have to take medication for the side effects of the medication?

I cracked a tooth that was already slated for root canal and it's gotten infected. Yippee. The bad news, believe it or not, is that I can't get the root canal until the 20th. I'm on the call list in case of a cancellation, but still.

The acid reducer is just because I'm sick to death of the taste of acid in the back of my throat.
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Well, now I know why Dr. Jafari (my endodontist) was so pissed last week. As I was checking out last week having had only part of the root canal, I saw him come out to the receptionist and be told that his 1030 had cancelled. He then proceeded to very tightly ask why he hadn't been told, because, had he known, he could have worked on me longer.

Today I was in the chair, literally, for about half an hour. Maybe a little more. Ai yi yi.

Inspired by [ profile] reazik and [ profile] chickenhat, I am seriously considering jumping on the weight loss bandwagon. There are few reasons, chief among them being that I want to be "in shape" prior to getting pregnant (I'd really prefer to not have the big needle inserted into my spine if I can avoid it, however comfortable I am with needles these days) and able to keep up with a 2-year old without pausing for an asthma attack when the time comes.

DISCLAIMER: There is no Junior Stage Crew forthcoming for at least a year and a half, maybe two. But I like to think ahead.

That, and I'm liking neither this tummy nor this double chin that I see forming. (If it's already there and I'm not seeing it, please don't tell me.)

My main problem: I like to eat. I don't mean that I'm always hungry. I mean that I actively enjoy eating. I like to taste, to experience textures, to enjoy presentation. I do not want to go on chicken and rice for the forseeable future. I'm also food ADHD: I easily get bored eating the same thing more than, say, twice in a week.

There's a great fitness center on campus, but because it's in the middle of a bunch of dorms, there are no showers. I shall have to start sucking it up and trudging out to the DuFour Center/. It's a mile and a half, which is not my complaint: my main complaint is the lack of sidewalk next to busy roads for a good stretch. Perhaps investment in reflective clothing is in order.
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Thanks to everybody who has wished me well (and my former Latin professor ill). I'm all kinds of ecstatic that, first of all, I WON (who me? competitive? naw...), and secondly, and far more practically, that I get to keep both scholarship and stipend. *whew* I was not looking forward to getting part-time retail work while going to school.

So now I'm sure you're asking, Icewolf, what are you doing with your summer?

Finishing up an I in LAW 508, reading, stage managing King John, and going to the dentist.

If you're interested in what the law class I took was all about (and it was absolutely facinating), the professor, Ken Pennington, has a facinating web page here. Very tentatively, I am also going to Erice, Sicily with him (and about ten other students) for an international legal history conference/meeting/whatever at the end of October. To that end I will be attempting to shine up my German and maybe even to integrate a little Italian. The best part is that if he doesn't have funding for you--and by funding I mean funding to pay for your airfare, room, board, and tuition--he doesn't invite you. And I've been invited. Or at least asked if I was interested. Nifty!

In less nifty news, yes, my dental drama continues. Two root canals in teeth 12 and 13 (start counting at your rearmost righthand molar and work your way around) yesterday, and I go to have temporary crowns put on them at 0830 today. Fun fun fun, let me tell you. Same surreal twirling and tugging as last time, but way more tenderness this time around once the local anesthetic wore off. If anything even mushily solid gets over there under those teeth and I happen to close my mouth, the pain is blinding. Thank heaven for ibuprofen. In better news, the crown fitting ought not to be the ordeal it was last week, because there's more of the teeth left here. Tooth 5, which was worked on last week, was broken, and part of the break was actually barely above the gum line. They almost gave up and referred me to the oral surgeon at one point. Back to bad news, when I get teeth 3 and 19 worked on in the next couple of weeks, they already know that there will be hardly anything left of them and I will definitely have to see the oral surgeon and he will do a procedure called crown lengthening in which he essentially cuts away some of the gum in order to expose more of the tooth so that they can build on it. Ewwie.

Part of me is so ashamed. I was a Crest kid. Seriously. I didn't have my first cavity until I was 21. I know it's not neglect, but acid damage from post-nasal illness, that's done this to my mouth, but it doesn't stop me from having nightmares in which people laugh and point at my now hideous smile. *sigh* I used to have such a pretty smile, and my vain self is very worried that I won't even want to open my mouth when all is said and done.

In slightly better news, my dentist is way cute and single and I have decided he needs a girlfriend. Any takers? He's real sweet, too. Came over to check on me yesterday while I was being worked on by the endodontist (root-canal specialist).

On that note, I should go rinse and brush before toddling off to said dentist. Toodles, all. And don't forget to floss!
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...that I'm actually looking forward to my root canal tomorrow morning.

Lower left jaw HURTS like a sonofabitch.

Off to forage ibuprofen.

And I still need a little penguin icon with the bandage around his head.
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...irony of ironies.

The bleeding crown replacement hurt more than the root canal! And took twice as long (9 AM to 11:45 AM compared to 9 AM to 10:20 last week). The worst part was when whey wound a string around the tooth and then poked it up under the gum to separate the gum from the tooth so that they could take an impression for the permanent crown.

I'm so not looking forward to the procedure where they grind down my gum and jawbone. Now, aside from if someone is yanking my hair or if needles are involved, I'm not generally a wuss when it comes to pain. I tend to be cut from the same cloth as my father, who will not tell you when he's sick or in pain. You have to intuit it from either the way he's limping or how he's gone and passed out taking a nap in the middle of the day. That was why last winter, when he was recovering from vascular surgery, scared us all so badly. Dad acted sick. He also did the Querrelous Old Man Bit (TM), which threw my mother, who is usually the firebrand of that relationship, into total confusion.

Where was I? Oh, yes, I'm a stupid git who doesn't listen to her body when it starts sending distress signals. Not that I'm proud of this. It's never done me any favors.

*sigh* One o'clock already. I should do homework.
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...and I'm actually not feeling too bad. Don't know if I feel up to actor wrangling tonight, but we'll see.

I'm a little disappointed that no one, not even [ profile] charlotteb_, got the West Wing reference. Although, to be fair, that was pointed more towards [ profile] arakasi1, who bears a striking resemblance to Josh Lyman, only more neurotic.

I think maybe the most disturbing part (aside from the over under maneuver the dentist had to pull with the needle at one point*) was the sensation of the dentist grasping the root of my tooth, twirling it around his instrument spaghetti-like, and yanking.

Okay, I think I'll attempt some homework now.

*Dentist: Don't you think [your reaction to the needle is] a little extreme?
Me: You don't have a needle in your mouth!
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Root canal 1 down. 4 to go.

The person who asks me to say, "president," "briefed," or "Foggy Bottom" dies.

Thank you.
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Long story short: I broke a tooth yesterday (one of the ones slated for root canal, as a matter of fact). Had a long, gruelling day getting to the dentist and home again w/o a car. My personal favorite line of the day:

Me [to Einstein Bagel General Manager]: I broke my tooth on this [asiago cheese] bagel!
GM [as though wondering what the fuss is about]: What did you order?

< lovesick gushing >

My Boy just made me a yogurt, strawberry, and pineapple smoothie with no ice for breakfast! He's so wonderful. :)

< /lovesick gushing >
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Arg. Enough of Perpetua and Felicity for a little while. Dental update.

Went to the in-network dentist yesterday. He's a very nice guy. He thinks I need only about 4 root canals, but is holding off on a final number until the endodontist gets his mitts on my teeth.

The best part? The original grand total estimate of $6K from the out-of-network guy dropped like a rock to about $850, which is a royal PITA, but do-able.

Dental insurance rocks, that's all I have to say.

Okay. Back to Perpetua and her tale of martyrdom.


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