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Hey, all--

I need a babysitter for Herself for the morning of Thursday, February 18th. It would be from about 8 to 11:30 AM. Any takers out there? If you other moms have babysitter recommendations, please email or PM me!

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Oh, by the way, if anyone has any suggestions on where to shop, the information would be hugely appreciated. *sigh* Thanks. I'm 33 years old and take either a size 16 or 18, depending on the cut and manufacturer of the dress.

I'm going to go have a sandwich.
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Hey all you picspamming types out there!

I'm trying to find a picture of Rebecca De Mornay in her role as Lady Sabine DeWinter in the 1993 Disney version of The Three Musketeers.


ETA: Hee. Many thanks to [profile] disc_sophist. She came through, as it were, in spades. :)
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Does anybody else get really frustrated by the idiocy being committed on a daily basis by otherwise intelligent people? Seriously, tell me I'm not alone.

On an up note, [profile] arakasi1  pointed me at this blog: Mr. Darcy in the Fields of Bethlehem. The writer, Abigail Nussbaum, looks at the book of Ruth (one of my very favorite books of the Bible--I had a reading from it at my wedding) as a Jane Austen novel. No, seriously. And it works

In completely unrelated news, [profile] cats_n_crying , I sent you email at your Washington College account. Do you even still use it?
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Who'd I loan my Wicked CD to?
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Anybody know where I could buy--tonight--non-latex compression bandages? I found out the hard way last night that your run-of-the-mill ACE bandage contains latex. I just checked Target at Dobbin Rd. and they don't carry them.


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