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This is a stitch. Apparently, Ovid wrote a series of poems as letters from the women of mythology to their men. This one is from Paris's first wife, the nymph Oenone...

V: Oenone to Paris

Translated by A. S. Kline

The Nymph sends words you ordered her to write,
from Mount Ida, to her Paris, though you refuse her as yours.
Will you read them? Or does your new wife forbid it?
Read! This is not a letter created by a Mycenean hand.
I, Oenone, the fountain-nymph, famous in Phrygian woods,
wounded, complain of you, who are my own if you allow it.
What god opposes my prayers with his divine will?
Might I be suffering from some crime of yours that harms me?
Whatever one deserves to suffer should be borne lightly:
what comes undeservedly, comes as bitter punishment.
You were not important as yet, when I was happy
with you as my husband, I, a nymph born of a mighty river.
You who now are a son of Priam, (let fear of the truth be absent) )
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Sorry about missing yesterday (and the day before--I started this entry at around noon on Friday), everyone. This is from Prudentius, "Hymnus Omnes Horae." Lines 22-24 are frequently used in Holy Week services.


Da puer plectrum, choreis ut canam fidelibus
dulce carmen et melodum, gesta Christi insignia:
hunc camena nostra solum pangat, hunc laudet lyra.

Christus est, quem rex sacerdos adfuturum protinus
infulatus concinebat voce, chorda et tympano, 5
zaspiritum caelo influentem per medullas hauriens.

Facta nos et iam probata pangimus miracula... )
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Okay, one of my online students has checked in already, and she has begun to suck up: "Do you have a favorite manuscript you've translated?" Why, yes, yes I do. Let me tell you John of Salisbury's tale of Thomas Becket's assassination. "Once upon a time there was a way awesome archbishop, a rat bastard of a knight named FitzUrse, and a dreadfully, ahem, misguided king..."

Sekrit Teecher Stuff: Sucking up, done correctly, works. Hee. :)

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So, I'm sharpening my claws Latin skills on a chronicle passage that the ever-lovely [ profile] angevin2  emailed me yesterday.

I find it amusing that I must work on Latin translations in Courier font. Because it is what Dr. Mantello[1] used, and so medieval Latin doesn't look quite right in any other font.

1. For those of you a.)new to my journal and b.)knowledgable of such things, yes, I had that Dr. Mantello for Medieval Latin. The guy who's name is on the seminal textbook, Medieval Latin, and yes, it was excruciating. Really nice guy, though.)

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It's been difficult, no doubt, but I impressed the teacher today with my mad papal research skillz, yo. *snrk*

Anyhoo, in case anyone cared, here's how the translation I was working on last week turned out.

An Attempt on the Emperor's Life and its Aftermath

Next up, the Papal Bull Announcing the Canonization of Thomas Becket. Stay tuned.
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Okay, here's the sentence that's making me nuts:

Elegerat autem sibi in eodem oratorio locum oracioni familiarem ubi tanto intencius quanto secrecius oracioni uacaret.

I've got the first part, but the second part is making me a little nutty.

He had chosen for himself (lit. to himself), moreover, the same familiar place in the prayer chapel where...

And that's where I lose it.

I've got tanto, which could be dative or ablative singular, intencius (medieval spelling of intentius) which is a comparative adjective in the nominative or accusative case, quanto, another dative-slash-ablative adjective, secrecius, a comparative adjective in the nominative or accusative case, oracioni, which is dative and means 'prayer,' and finally, the verb, which is active, subjunctive, 3rd person singular.

I mean, it isn't that I don't see the tanto...quanto parallel structure. I just can't make any frelling sense of it.

(Not to mention that Perseus keeps crapping out in a 502 error and is making me a little nuts. Not that I use Perseus. Nope. Never. Perish the thought.)

And if you have no idea what any of this was about, just move along, nothing to see. Just nod and pat the nice crazy lady on the head and keep going...

I have also come to the conclusion that I need a Latin icon...
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What a bitch of a year.

It started with a nervous breakdown in my shower and has trudged through the heating up of the Legal Thing, depression, anxiety, various health problems that included a melanoma scare that I didn't find out about until AFTER the fact (thanks, doc!), and general crankiness. Oh, and my cat died.

So, yeah. 2006 sucked, but 2007 is already looking pretty good. It'd almost have to.
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Back up, [ profile] tazira, for I am... )
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Thanks to everybody who has wished me well (and my former Latin professor ill). I'm all kinds of ecstatic that, first of all, I WON (who me? competitive? naw...), and secondly, and far more practically, that I get to keep both scholarship and stipend. *whew* I was not looking forward to getting part-time retail work while going to school.

So now I'm sure you're asking, Icewolf, what are you doing with your summer?

Finishing up an I in LAW 508, reading, stage managing King John, and going to the dentist.

If you're interested in what the law class I took was all about (and it was absolutely facinating), the professor, Ken Pennington, has a facinating web page here. Very tentatively, I am also going to Erice, Sicily with him (and about ten other students) for an international legal history conference/meeting/whatever at the end of October. To that end I will be attempting to shine up my German and maybe even to integrate a little Italian. The best part is that if he doesn't have funding for you--and by funding I mean funding to pay for your airfare, room, board, and tuition--he doesn't invite you. And I've been invited. Or at least asked if I was interested. Nifty!

In less nifty news, yes, my dental drama continues. Two root canals in teeth 12 and 13 (start counting at your rearmost righthand molar and work your way around) yesterday, and I go to have temporary crowns put on them at 0830 today. Fun fun fun, let me tell you. Same surreal twirling and tugging as last time, but way more tenderness this time around once the local anesthetic wore off. If anything even mushily solid gets over there under those teeth and I happen to close my mouth, the pain is blinding. Thank heaven for ibuprofen. In better news, the crown fitting ought not to be the ordeal it was last week, because there's more of the teeth left here. Tooth 5, which was worked on last week, was broken, and part of the break was actually barely above the gum line. They almost gave up and referred me to the oral surgeon at one point. Back to bad news, when I get teeth 3 and 19 worked on in the next couple of weeks, they already know that there will be hardly anything left of them and I will definitely have to see the oral surgeon and he will do a procedure called crown lengthening in which he essentially cuts away some of the gum in order to expose more of the tooth so that they can build on it. Ewwie.

Part of me is so ashamed. I was a Crest kid. Seriously. I didn't have my first cavity until I was 21. I know it's not neglect, but acid damage from post-nasal illness, that's done this to my mouth, but it doesn't stop me from having nightmares in which people laugh and point at my now hideous smile. *sigh* I used to have such a pretty smile, and my vain self is very worried that I won't even want to open my mouth when all is said and done.

In slightly better news, my dentist is way cute and single and I have decided he needs a girlfriend. Any takers? He's real sweet, too. Came over to check on me yesterday while I was being worked on by the endodontist (root-canal specialist).

On that note, I should go rinse and brush before toddling off to said dentist. Toodles, all. And don't forget to floss!


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