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Bob Byrd seems to have finally lost his grasp. On,like, everything.

He invited the audience in the room to join him in heckling the witnesses, creating a responsive Greek chorus.

Seriously, he sounds like he's leading a tent revival, not a Congressional hearing.

Edit: Ai yi yi, I really ought to know better than to read the comments. Oy. A legion of people I'd love to send "STOP HELPING and check your spelling before you post" letters to.


Aug. 31st, 2007 11:45 am
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So do we care more about dogs than uninsured kids?

Edit: I'm not answering the question with the subject line--this is just one of Dionne's patented kick-ass columns.
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Okay. Just to set this out there:

China vs. My Husband

This is why we need to remember that, however many Discovery Channel specials get made about the 'real' China, these are not nice people (the government, not the actual perople, who are, y'know, being unjustly imprisoned. Hel-LO.). As governments go, these are pretty damn awful people. And even though we may need their help in getting North Korea corralled, we need to never forget exactly what we're dealing with.
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My favorite Quebecois-American, E. J. Dionne, Jr., bats some interesting historical electoral numbers around.

Eugene Robinson examines the rhetoric of some of our desperate illustrious leaders.

I seem to be doing a lot of ranting about No Child Left Behind, lately. This NPR story does a very good job of summing up why, especially in regards to special education.

Speaking of education, I'm just pleased as punch about the new Charter School for the Classics in Washington. I can hear [ profile] semper_augustus squeeing right along with me. As for critics claiming that it caters to the elite and swipes kids from community schools, give the parents a high-quality alternative--and an environment where their kids don't have to walk through metal detectors every morning--and maybe Washington Latin won't have to get special permission to raise its cap a second year.

Less brightly, a Chicago high school principal gambled, and lost. I don't know that I agree with McGreal's tactic, but I certainly understand his frustration. And I applaud his guts and gumption in standing up and trying to do something. Good luck to you, Mr. McGreal.

And, especially for [ profile] reportergirlkes, a little journalistic history.

Edited to add NPR story and to fix spelling and mechanics.

Edited to add Washington Latin and Martin McGreal stories.
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Just when you think reality television can't nauseate you more, the reasons they have for canceling it can.

E. J. Dionne rocks, as usual.

And whenever I need to read something twice to catch the nuances, I know it warrants a Media Roundup. "Why Lawyers are Liars"is an interesting take on the whole "I was just defending a client" reasoning employed first with John Roberts and now with Samuel Alito. One thing I do think Kinsley is failing to take into account is the lack of success you can expect your career to have if you don't parrot the judge you're clerking for or the President you're working for. And I'm not sure it's not deservedly so. Read it and decide for yourself.


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