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Y'all rocked. Beyond anything you've ever done before. You walked into a space at 5:30--most of you for the first time--and by 7:00 you owned it.

I'm so proud, I could burst.

If you're not in the show, get your butt in gear and order your tickets NOW.

Yes, now. At 11:28 PM six days in advance. I have a feeling they won't be there at noon on Saturday.

Capital Fringe Fest
Wooly Mammoth Rehearsal Space
MidSummer Night's Dream
The Rude Mechanicals
12:30 PM 29 July 2006
The Website, where you can order tickets, which you still have to do.
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The truck rental place closes at 4 tomorrow afternoon. Who wants to help me return said truck? (Essentially, you'd meet me at the truck place in Columbia and drive me home [also in Columbia, but the world ain't getting a map to my house].)

I'd be witty and interesting, but I'm just too tired.
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icewolf: (theater)
Weekend highlights....

Running two spectacular shows. Does my heart good to stand back and watch the actors perform their magic.

Friday night's cast party. Apparently, I am a scholarly drunk. I went on (and on) about the Investiture Controversy. Best quote belongs to [ profile] thirdbase, "At least this drunk girl comes equipped with her own husband."

Last night's cast party highlight was finally getting some quality time with my new boyfriend, [ profile] banquo26 and [ profile] siloseven's little boy, Liam. :) Best quote is shared between me and [ profile] reazik: "Is Lyn around?" Me, sanding not ten feet in front of her, "No."

But alas, I must now get out of my comfy anniversary slippers ([ profile] torberg got me LL Bean slippers for our first anniversary. The really nice shearling-lined, rubber soled, buckskin ones. Mmmm.) and bathrobe and go see a man about a truck. Again. Ah, theatre.
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The substitute teacher SM needs a ride to rehearsal on Saturday.


And I swear by my wooden ruler and Webster's dictionary if I find out frogs were involved in Saturday's rehearsal I will quite simply kill someone.

From Silver Spring. Sorry.


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