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We're moving December 29th! Yay! Into a house that our kitchen table will not fit into. Woe!

So, I put the following ad up on Craigslist, but feel free to share. If you're interested, drop me a line. We're asking $475.

They're less than a year old, and we paid $700 for them, but they won't fit in our new house!

Beautiful Ikea table and chairs. The table is very long, perfect for buffets and projects!

Table is the Norden model (includes one leaf, stored under the table): Min. length: 86 5/8"; Max. length: 104 3/4"; Width: 39 3/8"; Height: 29 1/2".

Two of the chairs are Henriksdal, with white covers.  The other four chairs are Aron, which seems to have been discontinued. They are birch finish with a white padded seat. (Image is Bjore, which is the closest match.) One chair has a wobbly leg.

Buyer will have to arrange transportation.

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The boxspring has made it upstairs!

I no longer have to haul my butt up off the floor at 6:30 in the morning!

And. yes, there was much rejoicing!
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Being sick at the moment, along with reading [personal profile] thirdbase's most recent entry, has reminded me of an important warning.

First of all, yes, up until very recently [personal profile] torberg and I had a cat. There is still dander in our home, deep cleaning hasn't exactly been a priority lately, and those who are highly allergic would help us best by staying away and making us a casserole or something. We love you and we really don't want to have to call an ambulance because you're suffocating.

However, and perhaps even more insidiously, is the warning to all who have any kind of chronic respiratory thing. My old apartment in Staten Island had some sort of very strange mold or dust in it. This stuff is powerful: I'm not sure how I didn't asphyxiate the last six months I lived there. Now, my allergies are fairly mild, but when I come into contact with items that were in my old apartment that have not been washed (like my childhood teddy bear), I am knocked on my butt. Literally. Can't stop sneezing, can't breathe, eyes start running. Now, all the clothes and linens we own have been washed, but there are some boxes of papers and other flotsam that haven't been unpacked since the move from Staten Island. Those are lovely little time bombs just waiting for an unsuspecting asthmatic to pick up. So if you have severe mold and dust allergies that can't be controlled with an OTC med like Claratin, we'd ask that you also stay home. We love you, we appreciate the sentiment, and we don't want to sit with you in the ER either. Make a salad to go with the casserole. Or maybe pudding.

Once again, the responses we've gotten on LJ and personally have been completely overwhelming. Thank you all so much. There will be yummies and goodies waiting for you all at the other end!
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You Are an Angel

A truly giving soul, you understand the spirit of Christmas.

On a related note, has anyone else noticed a complete lack of non-tacky angel tree toppers? Because of the move, our tree is staying in its box this year, but before we knew we were moving, I was looking all over for a pretty, non-light-up, non-fiber-optic, non-raphaelite-knock-off angel tree topper. And it thoroughly eluded me. Well, not entirely. Hallmark has a nice one, but I don't know that I'm entirely ready to pay $48 for a Christmas decoration smaller than a tree.


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