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Dear Rude Mechanicals,

Yes, I know that I grouse, kvetch and am your very own Oscar the Grouch when I'm stage managing a show. I'm not always the nicest or most approachable person on the planet.

However, I just had a reminder of exactly how lucky I am.

I am immensely lucky. You all have taken to having a bossy, overbearing techie backstage so much better than anyone ever had any right to expect.

You thank me. Repeatedly. Profusely. You appreciate me. Most importantly, you treat me with respect.

Thank you all.
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[ profile] 777666 recently very flatteringly bemoaned that her current stage manager is not, shall we say, up to snuff. I answered her with some information sources that I'm reposting here.

As I hope has been well and truly embedded into Ye Olde Rumor Mill, I am looking to take the next show off (and if I wasn't before, I sure as hell am now), and to audition for the one after that. So, who's stepping up?

There are so many people in and connected with the Rude Mechanicals who have fabulous organizational and problem solving skills. All they may lack is information. Where, you may ask, can they find that information? I'm so glad you asked...

1. Your friendly neighborhood SM. That's not necessarily me. I can put people in touch with any number of qualified stage managers.(Just not [ profile] charlotteb_; she has come to the conclusion that she doesn't miss it. Although she'd probably be more than willing to answer questions.) There's even an LJ community.

2. The Stage Manager's Handbook, by Bert Gruver (latest edition revised by Frank Hamilton). It even goes so far as to give some advice on politicking and schmoozing. I strongly suggest you ignore those, but otherwise, it's an outstanding guide.

3. Stage Management and Theatre Administration, part of the Theatre Manuals series put out by Schirmer Books, by Pauline Menear and Terry Hawkins. Very spartan, but chock-full of information.

4. Stage Management (fourth edition) by Lawrence Stern. Stern tends to subscribe to the "SM-as-Doormat/Martyr" theory, but if you ignore that part, it's a helpful book.

5. Stage Mangement Forms and Formats: A Collection of Over 100 Forms Ready to Use by Barbara Dilker. Pretty much exactly what it sounds like: audition and character forms, prop plots, costume plots, schedules, etc. I'm not willing to loan out the book, but I'll happily make copies for anyone who asks.

Additionally, I would give this advice to would-be RM SMs: don't be afraid to do your job. The director is a very nice person with the driving artistic vision, but you do not work for him/her, and s/he is not a deity. The cast's well being and safety always come first.
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The truck rental place closes at 4 tomorrow afternoon. Who wants to help me return said truck? (Essentially, you'd meet me at the truck place in Columbia and drive me home [also in Columbia, but the world ain't getting a map to my house].)

I'd be witty and interesting, but I'm just too tired.
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The substitute teacher SM needs a ride to rehearsal on Saturday.


And I swear by my wooden ruler and Webster's dictionary if I find out frogs were involved in Saturday's rehearsal I will quite simply kill someone.

From Silver Spring. Sorry.


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