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This is absolutely brilliant, and I know that [ profile] angevin2 will just plotz from the awesomeness of it all. :)

New Burbage discovers teh Internets. Take cover.

Darren's spot on, Geoffrey is adorably outraged, and Anna rocks (as usual). Go read!

Fic Rec...

Jan. 2nd, 2009 09:57 pm
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Those of you who would enjoy it most may have already seen these, but they are fluffy and gorgeous and fabulous, so I'm reccing them.

First, a happy little Anna and Geoffrey character set piece called "Common Spirits." Richard makes an appearance, too. Rated G.

Secondly, a more in depth character motivation study called "If We Shadows." Ellen, Geoffrey, and Oliver, rated PG-13 for, as far as I can tell, emotional intensity, the ravings of a mad man intent on killing a swan, and the mention of sex.

Go forth and read!

EDT: Okay, I started trawling the Yuletide archives. I adore Maria the Stage Manager, and there's an entire fic from her point of view, "The Midsummer Diaries." Sure, there are no condemned buildings, absentee producers, or fuse boxes with "Good luck" etched in the cover, but it's still pretty damn good.


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A truly outstanding Slings and Arrows fic about Geoffrey's time in the psych ward.

My inner monologue went to Europe.
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You wander around looking for Slings & Arrows icons at one in the morning.

And stumble across a well written S&A fic: Five Times Darren Nichols Avoids Being Committed.
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Feh. I'm cranky, and I'm vexed with myself for being cranky.

Is there a date yet for the DVD release of season 3 of Slings & Arrows yet?


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