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Dear Smug Self-Centered-Actor-Turned-Director,

No, you ASS, "outlining responsibilities" and "giving an overview" are NOT the same fucking thing. One would have given me FUCKING DETAILS about what you wanted, while what you DID was give me generalities such ask, "Make sure I stay on task," and "You know, just keep things running smoothly." That would have, you know, given me an idea of what you needed, and you could have been spared the effort of composing the incredibly condescending email you were spineless enough to send me rather than, you know, TALKING to me. 'Cause that must have been a killer while you were sitting in your office with the free time to work on theater stuff on your employer's dime. A shame my THREE YEAR OLD doesn't give me the same freedom, and thus the rehearsal reports sometimes come out at odd intervals.

Killing you with my brain,
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From The Book of Lost Books: An Incomplete History of All the Books You'll Never Read by Stuart Kelly (boldfaced emphasis mine):

Aristophanes' plays combine Crates' philosophical speculation with Cratinus' energetic satire. Aristophanes was a very literary comedian, and the loss of The Poet, The Muses, Sappho, and Heracles the Stage Manager not only robs us of examples of the earliest theatrical self-consciousness, but also prevents us seeing, askance, the literary world that indubitably furnished him with ample targets for ridicule (51).
Kelly, Stuart. The Book of Lost Books: An Incomplete History of All the Books You'll Never Read. New York: Random House, 2005.


Aug. 26th, 2008 03:23 pm
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Fells Point Corner Theater is doing, among other plays, Take Me Out, The Sisters Rosensweig, and Side Man this season. (Yeek, they're also doing Pinter, but I won't hold that against them.)

And they're less than a mile from my house.

The only down side is that I can't seem to find an amateur Shakespeare group.

I love the Rudes.  But the hour commute each way? Not so much.
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A sequel. To Phantom. Set in Coney Island. Sordid details here.

It's dreadful. It'll be a hit.

It's really time to put the man out of our misery.


Obligatory dragon eggs: Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I just got a call from the Fells Point Corner Theater, asking me to stage manage their upcoming production of "Off the Map".

I said no.

I can barely handle the obligations I've got: work, Latin, upcoming move, and, oh yeah, pregnancy. More than enough on my plate. Yep.

Even if the theater is only like five blocks away... *sigh*
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What a bitch of a year.

It started with a nervous breakdown in my shower and has trudged through the heating up of the Legal Thing, depression, anxiety, various health problems that included a melanoma scare that I didn't find out about until AFTER the fact (thanks, doc!), and general crankiness. Oh, and my cat died.

So, yeah. 2006 sucked, but 2007 is already looking pretty good. It'd almost have to.


Nov. 3rd, 2006 08:47 pm
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Auditions for Assassins at a theater in Baltimore.

Thank G-d for Jane Eyre, the musical with an alto in the lead.

On Writing

Jul. 24th, 2006 04:00 pm
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This train of thought got started from an "open letter" which was linked to by [ profile] tazira, An Open Letter to Peter Marks.

Now, I don't know if you've noticed, but I actually go to the trouble of trying to write well in this journal. Because I teach writing, I think about it a lot. And although I may not always succeed in my mission, I do try.

I would like to note, therefore, some things that do not necessarily good writing make.

Swearing and using scatalogical and obscene language does not automatically make you edgy. It means you don't own a thesaurus or an imagination. Seriously, swearing for effect is something 12-year-olds do. I know. I used to work with and discipline them. I'm supposing that if you care about the D.C. theater scene, you're older than that. But I could always be wrong.

Assuming a personal enough relationship with a public figure to call him by his first name does not bring him to your level. If your point is to criticize someone in authority, don't you need to recognize that authority? If the impetus behind your writing is to point out that someone is not doing his job right, don't you need to recognize that he has a job? Calling someone by his or her first name does not help either of those endeavors.

Also, assaulting New York theater does not build up D.C. theater. Rather than complaining about the commercialization of Broadway and the low quality of independent performance artists, perhaps the point would have been better made pointing to the myriad resident theater companies and plethora of plays that the area does have. Why not point out that most productions that end up in New York try out at least once at the Kennedy Center?

Oh, and ad hominem attacks speculating about someone's failed career ambitions are just bad form. They're also bad arguments.

And frankly, the 12-year-olds I mentioned earlier called better names. They were at least creative in their immaturity. I mean, 'pillhead'? Are you kidding me? And 'bitch' is just so last month. (Not to mention its misogynist leanings, but I'll let the hard-core feminists eat you for lunch there.)

Avoid these pitfalls, and you, yes, you, can manage to avoid looking like a bitter, discontented "ar-TEEST."
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The truck rental place closes at 4 tomorrow afternoon. Who wants to help me return said truck? (Essentially, you'd meet me at the truck place in Columbia and drive me home [also in Columbia, but the world ain't getting a map to my house].)

I'd be witty and interesting, but I'm just too tired.
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So jealous!

Swiped from [ profile] stage_managers.
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Houston, we have oral surgery.

It turns out the "procedure" I was scheduled to have today was oral surgery.

I have stitches in my mouth. I have five syringes worth of local anesthetic running through my body right now. I'm still having mild reactions--trembling and the like--from said anesthetic. (Driving home was probably not the smartest thing I've ever done.)

The only reason I'm not holding a prescription for codine is that I'm allergic to codine.

Big huge problem number one: Obviously, I won't be at rehearsal tonight.

Bigger huger problem number two: Tor has no way home from the Snowden River Park and Ride in Columbia. His bus will be arriving at 6. Can someone go get him and deliver him home? Please?

Biggest hugest problem number three: I need drugs and dare not drive. If there's anyone in the Columbia area who can stop by our apartment ASAFP and take me to the local Target you will be forever worshipped as a god or goddess, as gender dictates.

If you can help or know someone who can, please call the house phone on the contact sheet.

Thanks in advance, folks.
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Thanks to everybody who has wished me well (and my former Latin professor ill). I'm all kinds of ecstatic that, first of all, I WON (who me? competitive? naw...), and secondly, and far more practically, that I get to keep both scholarship and stipend. *whew* I was not looking forward to getting part-time retail work while going to school.

So now I'm sure you're asking, Icewolf, what are you doing with your summer?

Finishing up an I in LAW 508, reading, stage managing King John, and going to the dentist.

If you're interested in what the law class I took was all about (and it was absolutely facinating), the professor, Ken Pennington, has a facinating web page here. Very tentatively, I am also going to Erice, Sicily with him (and about ten other students) for an international legal history conference/meeting/whatever at the end of October. To that end I will be attempting to shine up my German and maybe even to integrate a little Italian. The best part is that if he doesn't have funding for you--and by funding I mean funding to pay for your airfare, room, board, and tuition--he doesn't invite you. And I've been invited. Or at least asked if I was interested. Nifty!

In less nifty news, yes, my dental drama continues. Two root canals in teeth 12 and 13 (start counting at your rearmost righthand molar and work your way around) yesterday, and I go to have temporary crowns put on them at 0830 today. Fun fun fun, let me tell you. Same surreal twirling and tugging as last time, but way more tenderness this time around once the local anesthetic wore off. If anything even mushily solid gets over there under those teeth and I happen to close my mouth, the pain is blinding. Thank heaven for ibuprofen. In better news, the crown fitting ought not to be the ordeal it was last week, because there's more of the teeth left here. Tooth 5, which was worked on last week, was broken, and part of the break was actually barely above the gum line. They almost gave up and referred me to the oral surgeon at one point. Back to bad news, when I get teeth 3 and 19 worked on in the next couple of weeks, they already know that there will be hardly anything left of them and I will definitely have to see the oral surgeon and he will do a procedure called crown lengthening in which he essentially cuts away some of the gum in order to expose more of the tooth so that they can build on it. Ewwie.

Part of me is so ashamed. I was a Crest kid. Seriously. I didn't have my first cavity until I was 21. I know it's not neglect, but acid damage from post-nasal illness, that's done this to my mouth, but it doesn't stop me from having nightmares in which people laugh and point at my now hideous smile. *sigh* I used to have such a pretty smile, and my vain self is very worried that I won't even want to open my mouth when all is said and done.

In slightly better news, my dentist is way cute and single and I have decided he needs a girlfriend. Any takers? He's real sweet, too. Came over to check on me yesterday while I was being worked on by the endodontist (root-canal specialist).

On that note, I should go rinse and brush before toddling off to said dentist. Toodles, all. And don't forget to floss!


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