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One of my favorites to date, if I do say so myself. There's a tricky bit in the second sentence that I'm hoping I got the sense of. Literally, it's "although passing by in order to declare that he was miserable," but that's just excruciating in English.

Find the original Latin, by Sulpicious Severus, here. Scroll down to #3.

Edit: Apparently, the LJ cut function doesn't like apostrophes in the text. Phooey.

Edit 2: Gah! Still damn markup errors...

Edit 3: The original Latin is now, you know, the original Latin and not an alternative English translation.

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I'm not happy with this one. I'm having a hard time finding a balance between being true to the original Latin and avoiding what Dr. Mantello calls "The Horses Having Been Mounted" syndrome. Cyprian just uses so damn many antique turns of phrase that don't really have a formal yet modern and natural equivalent. This is from Chapter 25 of De Lapsis, or On Lapses. I can't find the original Latin online to compare against, but here we go.

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In a word, no. )

Additionally, if you'd like to be filtered out of these posts, which I think I will be making more often, just drop me a line...
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For all the bitching I've been doing here about Latin, here's some of my work. ([ profile] semper_agustus, please try not to laugh too hard.)

First the infamous translation that only got a C+ because it was "too stilted." The original Latin can be found here. I did section four.

Here's my translation. )

There are footnotes to that, if anyone's interested enough, regarding certain word choices.

And the original of the portion of St. Jerome's Letter 60 which I translated for my final is not available online. Here it is. )

And here's my translation of that )


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