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So, I'm GMing again. And, once again, I'm pulling my hair out trying to keep track of stuff. I'm trying to organize and streamline my prep methodology, so I'm looking for suggestions. (Side note: I'm starting to think of game prep like putting together a lesson plan. I think that's a good thing.)

I'm thinking of putting together some sort of form that I can fill out. It'll include the hook, bad guys/monsters stats and info, clues, red herring details...

Do any of the gamers/GMs out there have suggestions? I will, of course, post it when I get it presentable...
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Where are the other Scorpios on my F-List? We ought to be able to seduce and/or bully our way to world domination in no time flat.

I also notice that it's Arisia time again. I only went once, but it was important that I did go when I did. Still 100% schmuck free. :)

Off to shower and plot an incredibly emotionally damaging day for one of my players. *rub hands together evilly and gleefully*

Also, anybody have any idea what I should wear to Ty's birthday party tonight?

Ooh, additionally, got major stage manager flattery recently. A former castmember who works extensively and professionally recommended me for an SM gig at Silver Spring. Couldn't take it with all the nuttiness in my life right now (full time job, Latin, and commute), but it felt good to be called one of the best stage managers this experienced actor has ever known. Yay me.
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Man, this sprained ankle was good for some attention the first day, but now it's just getting old. I had to cancel a counseling appointment and I'm waiting for the salon to open up so I can reschedule my hair appointment.

Have I mentioned that I really hate my crutches? I do.

I am bored and I am cranky. It is perhaps best for society that I am pretty much sofa-bound at the moment.

Oh, and my ankle hurts. I took a naproxin sodium tablet at around 7 AM, but there's still pain. I'll try another one before I reach for the generic Darvoset, which skips making me giddy/stoned and shoots straight for unconscious. I am such a sucky patient.

The good news is that Summer Classes were over last Thursday, so at least I don't have to try and teach like this. And I got to Laurel yesterday to turn in grades (I had no choice: they dock my pay $100 if I don't turn in grades both on time and in person.) . Thanks [ profile] greyhalfdrow!

In other news, on Saturday August 26th, I start running an Angel game. The premise is that with Angel and Spike incapacitated, the PTB are shopping for a new champion. So I'll be running a group of candidates (the players) through various tasks they'll have to deal with as champion. I have a few ideas, but am interested in more (I'm looking to run a 22 "episode" "season.") Comments are screened because I am evil and don't want my players to know what's coming--mwahahahahahaha! Also because right now I am a cranky bitch with an ankle that hurts like hell. Who just realized that the naproxin sodium is IN THE FRELLING BEDROOM.
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How about we all (gaming group) get together at around the usual time (3 PM). We'll put together characters for the Angel game for a while, then grab dinner and see PotC:DMC. I'm personally for a later show at the United Artists Theater on Snowden River Parkway to avoid the teeny-bopper squealers.

EDIT: How's the 10:15 show sound to everyone?

[ profile] greyhalfdrow and [ profile] artcfreak6, did I understand correctly that you guys would like to host?


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