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Dreamwidth just gave me about 9 invite codes, if anyone's interested.
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Tonight, I turned off automatic payments over at LJ.

I've migrated 15 of my most often used icons over here.

I'm probably always going to crosspost, but after this, my LJ is going to be pretty boring looking--same userpic on most (if not all) the entries, no spiffy extras, etc.

Onward into the new frontier!


Sep. 1st, 2010 03:30 pm
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Well, a big old howdy-do and thanks to all the folks who are assuming I'll run right out and break the confidentiality of their locked posts.

Your (and there are a LOT of people in that your) faith is heartwarming. Really.

EDIT: Okay, let me explain my understanding and philosophy of Internet Privacy.

If you say something on the Internet, it's like shouting it on a street corner. Even if you say something in a locked post, it's like saying something in the middle of a party. If one doesn't want people either repeating or hearing what he or she says (or doesn't trust that they won't do so by accident), I strongly suggest that the invitations be strictly monitored.

I'm not saying that the LJ/FB script is good, or okay, or whatever. I don't even think LJ itself is good or okay anymore, hence the fact that my original posts all come from DreamWidth these days. However, I am saying that if privacy is a major concern for you, you need to be the first person to take responsibility for it by carefully setting up and maintaining filters, and by seriously examining what readers go into what filters.
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Okay, so I belong to this community called [ profile] brigits_flame. It's a nice writer's community which has a monthly contest that I haven't gotten my act together enough to participate in yet. Every day there's a "chatter" post which gives general updates for the day and also has little things that make you go hmm. Not fully blown writers' prompts, but something to get the old juices flowing.

Today's made me think of my friends list in particular. Here it is, as written by [ profile] tigerstriped86:

I really like the idea of Nerdy Personal Ads. It tailors itself to the notion that not only are nerds surprisingly social creatures, but that we share a lot of the same habits. When I finished hearing his list, I thought about making a list all my own. And I kind of came up with what I wanted.

Original Blue Power Rangers seeks Yellow or Red ranger to discuss favorite Sondheim songs, break out into classic Disney tunes, and debate the merits of the Whedonverse. Green Rangers and dessert sharers need not apply.

I think that pretty much sums up a lot about me, but it leaves a little bit to be desired. I think variety is great in a relationship, so here are a couple of other things to know about me:

-Family Guy is a guilty pleasure
-I enjoy a good game of Clue
-The first book I bought for myself in college was a Poe anthology
-I like dogs
-I liked the movie “The Truth About Cats and Dogs”
-I love performing Dreamgirls at karaoke
-I watch Friends reruns when they are on
-I sing in a church choir
-Anthony Bourdain on Deadliest Catch would be the most awesome show ever!
-The music in Glee makes me happy

So that's my ad and a list of things that you'd probably learn about me on the first date. What about you? Even if you're in a relationship, think about this as a fun exercise in learning about who you think you are! Give it a try!
What would your nerdy personal ad say?

The italics are mine, because I think that the original ad gets lost in the list of other stuff.

I'm still working on mine, but what would your nerdy personal ad say? And make it an actual ad, not just a list!
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I did.

I used to write a lot. I'd spontaneously analyze the latest Lois McMaster Bujold novel, or write about politics, or religion, or racism, or something. I used to write fiction at the drop of a hat. I used to be out there, man.

Unfortunately, given a recent multi-year bout with depression and a daughter who just does not ever stop moving unless she's sleeping, my writing has gone the way of the dodo.

One of the things I want to do with this shiny new journal is write more. Write like I did in the earlier days of my LiveJournal. This is my resolution, albeit a couple of weeks early.

Oh, and yes, "A Room of One's Own" really took on worlds more depth for me once Herself (as I refer to my daughter online) got upwardly mobile. I intellectually understood it at 18 and 25, but WOW when every piece of food that goes in your mouth is shared, and your personal space has dwindled to nil, does the idea of a room of your own where you can go in and OMGCLOSETHEDOOR and no one will disturb you swiftly become your idea of paradise.

And now, since another of my resolutions is to get to sleep at a reasonable hour, I shall away.
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Here's the very speedy reply I got to my support message last night...

Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your concerns. We understand that gender is not binary, and intend to respect that understanding for our users.

At this time, the code you reference is not live on the site, and will not become so in the future. We know that you, and many other users, have serious concerns about any requirement to specify gender, so we'd like to take a moment to explain events and our position further.

The intention of this code was to change the sign-up process to include a field for the selection of gender; that the code would completely disable the "Unspecified" option at the same time was deemed unacceptable. While the code in question had gone to our beta (testing) server, it had not gone to our production server, and will not do so due to this problem. Furthermore, we'd like to clarify that code posted to the changelog community is not always final, as such code must then go through the beta testing process and can often be changed before actual implementation.

Additionally, some erroneous information has been spread regarding the potential public display of the gender field. We would like to clarify that gender is not currently publicly displayed on the profile, nor anywhere else on the site, and there are no plans to change this behavior.

LiveJournal Community Care Team

That being said.... I got a Dreamwidth invite. And I'm using it. I will still be cross posting between the two for the foreseeable future (especially since I just reupped my paid account), so don't panic about me disappearing. But, while I initially understood the need for ad revenue--hey they need to make money, right?--having gotten a taste of directed marketing over at Facebook, I'm kind of nauseated. And LJ's headed in that direction if they're not there already. It just makes no business sense for them not to do it. Also, over at Dreamwidth, I get to be [personal profile] icewolf. Just [personal profile] icewolf. No numbers, just... me. Which is honestly kind of cool.
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Okay, LJ is getting into major Gender!Fail.

Long story short, in the next code push, probably, LJ plans to a.) remove the ability to choose "unspecified" for gender (meaning you have to pick male or female, and that's it), and b.) You HAVE to choose a gender. Source.

This is just getting silly. You can leave feedback, and I encourage you to do so civilly and politely (the first line of defense is actually on the users' side on this one, so be nice).

However, while I've generally been happy with LJ as a blogging program, and been reluctant to move just because of the sheer size of my archive, I'm starting to seriously consider jumping the fence to Dreamwidth. The most likely reason for the change is the ability to target ads with more precision, and I detest all the diet and Barbie ads I'm getting over at Facebook. I sure as hell don't want to look at them here. Not to mention the whole leaving trans/questioning/etc. folks out in the cold, and yanking a level of camouflage some women use to avoid online predators (not to mention day-to-day creeps).

So, if anyone were to find a dusty old invite in the back of their virtual closets, I'd make good use of it...
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Um, this whole tracking thing?

If I don't want someone to access my information, I don't put it on the web to begin with. Which is why you don't ever see my last name on this journal, and very rarely do you see my first name. Get-togethers are planned behind friends-locks, if on LJ at all (I think I arranged a gaming session on LJ once).

Am I missing something? No, seriously, I really feel that I'm missing an important thing here.


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