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...another surrealistic plot thread on Studio 60 having absolutely nothing to do with show business.

And Sorkin recycled a bunch of terms from West Wing: "cry like a girl," and "gatekeeper."

But the yak line was funny. So was the writer storyline. And I love the back and forth between Danny and Christine Lahti's character.

It's so good, and yet so deeply flawed...

EDIT: And how the hell is Harriet Hayes this wildly talented comedienne?!?
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Now THAT was a tightly written episode that had EVERYTHING to do with running a sketch comedy show.

And they referenced The 2,000 Year Old Man. That made me very happy.
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Cut for spoilers and possible obscenity )

And then I turned on Food Network and they had a closeup of a turkey and I had a brief flashback to an unfortunate episode at a petting zoo or farmers' market when I was four and I wanted to pet the turkey and the turkey wasn't so keen on being petted and I was not responding appropriately to the negative reinforcement of being bitten or pecked or whatever by large barnyard fowl. Frankly my parents weren't so sure they'd be buying me Boethius, Bede, Prudentius, and Jerome in the original Latin twenty-nine years later, if you know what I mean.

All in all, a very traumatic 3 minutes.

Wait... there's at least one more...

OH MY GOD. *throw up hands and stomp around apartment*
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Two rather sniffly thumbs up.

It's like Sports Night (nice nod to Felicity Huffman, who was the female lead, by the way) and West Wing (anybody else fall off their couches when Matt Perry started making prescription drug jokes a la Rob Lowe's scene with the hooker and joint in the WW pilot?), and yet completely itself. Long may it reign.

Oh, and Tim Busfield as the director doing techie things and defying the standards guy? [ profile] noncalorsedumor, Hugh Laurie is all yours. Come to momma, Timmy.

One last note. Could we please keep John Wells the hell away from this one?!

A few select quotes... )

I wonder how long it will take for the Studio 60 icons to start popping up...?


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